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Which laptop is Right for Me in 2021?

Which Laptop is Right

Finding the right laptop can be a difficult task to undertake. In order to decide, which laptop is right for me, you have to decide you plan on doing with the laptop. Beyond the basic Business or Personal use, you have to take into consideration the person using the laptop and what they are going to be consistently doing as a primary function on the device. Here are some common uses for laptops that can help scale down the many options to choose from, when its time to choose the right in 2021. This is a small list may not cover all uses, but it at least covers a general range of laptop uses.

Which Laptop is Right

Here are some common uses for a personal laptop;

  1. Gaming
  2. Writing Books and/ Publications
  3. Media (Movies/Music/Photos)
  4. Research Development

The laptops is going to require certain specifications based on the use. Some of the specifications that are important are Hard Drive space, Memory size and CPU processing speed. Depending on what your doing, some are more important that others. The above is a brief list, but large enough to cover the general types of laptops available.

  1. Gaming Laptops

    Gaming laptops are going to focus on the processor power and the graphics cards. Which this type of device, you not going to want to install software that is non gaming related. All the computing power will need to be focused on the game being played. These types of laptops are generally more expensive due to the graphics cards and the processors that power them. I would suggest a minimum of 2 processors for a gaming laptop. In addition, these laptops do require large amounts of memory to store the data uses to process the graphics (in addition to the memory already on the graphics cards). The same laptops used for gaming could also be used for Mining bitcoins. This is due mostly to the video graphics cards.

  2. Writing and Book Publishing Laptops

    If you are into writing and publishing, you can spend less on a laptop but you will want to have enough hard drive space to store your writing. Also, you will need desktop publishing software to help you write, edit, and design your publication. You can afford to use less processor power and memory here.

    Desktop Publishing

    Desktop publishing software for use on laptops.

  3. Music and Video Production Laptops

    Media folks that create movies, music and edit photos will need lots of hard drive space and additional hard drive in external storage! Creating movies takes a-lot of hard drive space. You will need special software that also takes a-lot of hard drive space. For these folks i would suggest storing all the work on the external hard drives and use the internal hard drive for the large music recording software programs. Memory and CPU also needs to be high to process the movies and music recording. I would suggest a minimum of two processors.

    Music and Video Production Laptops

    Music producing software for use on laptops. Image editing and video graphics software are similar.

  4. Research Laptops

    Scientist and other researchers using specialized software to calculate large amounts of data will need a power computer. Probably as powerful as the gaming laptops with the multiple processors and large memory. Graphics cards may not bee a necessity for research, but storage would be a requirement. I would also suggest in addition to large internal hard drive, add an external hard drive for additional storage and backups.

So, choosing which laptop is right for you in 2021 is again based on what you plant on doing it. Even with options like this to choose from, it is important to not make a decision based on gimmicky marketing sale tactics. Think about what the laptop is going to be used for and that will keep you pointed in the right direction to narrow down your options.

For a real easy option, you may want to consider a ChromeBook. This is a laptop, but unlike the other options, this is using Google Operating System. It is a new learning curve, but for anyone with a gmail account, it’s so easy. Your log in is your gmail account. Your files are stored in the google cloud. You already have access to Word and Excel via google Docs. If your laptop is lost or stolen, all you need to do is get a replacement ChromeBook and log in. Your data from the cloud will download into the new device. No more asking others for help to transfer your data to your new computer!

Laptop Tips

Always make sure you back up your device even when using software that stores data in the cloud. Having a backup for your backups is not a bad idea. Don’t forget to keep your laptop safe and secure with laptop sized book bags and carrying bags.

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