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What is WordPress and How does it Work?

Got WordPress

WordPress is marketed as a platform for building dynamic website solutions. Dynamic simply means that data is live on the website while users are  interacting on the site. So a website owner can add content (pages, post, images) live without affecting existing viewers. Content is stored in a database, which allows for the dynamic feel of a WordPress site. In short, a website can start off as a single page and grow over time to have multiple pages and many post without becoming overwhelming. The best example is any news site like CNN.

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Best laptop back for air travel

Purple Teardrop Laptop Backpack

When September arrives, you sure know it’s time for back to school shopping haul. Although many factors could affect the choice of supplies you are buying, a well-polished laptop is almost always a must, and so is a bag! If you are in a search for a quality laptop bag for carrying your lovely computer around, you sure are in the right place!

The Productivity Package

If you are one of those people that are always on the move and carry the whole office, there is no better choice than Mancro Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack. The outside is made of the eco-friendly material that for sure will run you a couple of years while maintaining the pretty design and features to alleviate strain. In case you are looking for a quite safety-friendly bag, this one also has you covered with its combination-lock that for sure is not an easy job to get through.

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