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Best laptop backpack for air travel

Purple Teardrop Laptop Backpack

Best Laptop Backpacks for 2022

When September arrives, you sure know it’s time for back to school shopping haul. Although many factors could affect the choice of supplies you are buying, a well-polished laptop is almost always a must, and so is a bag! If you are in a search for a quality laptop bag for carrying your lovely computer around, you sure are in the right place!

The Productivity Package Backpack

If you are one of those people that are always on the move and carry the whole office, there is no better choice than Mancro Anti-Theft Laptop Backpack. The outside is made of the eco-friendly material that for sure will run you a couple of years while maintaining the pretty design and features to alleviate strain. In case you are looking for a quite safety-friendly bag, this one also has you covered with its combination-lock that for sure is not an easy job to get through.

On the other hand, inside equips a handful of pockets as well as three compartments and two sleeves that you could use to pack up to two 15.6” tablets or laptops. There is a USB cable packed as an extra, so in case your battery drains down, having a battery or power bank inside it, may come in handy on the go.

The overall minimal and glossy design makes it perfect for both young and old generations, featuring seven different colors to choose from. It measures 20 x 12.2 x 5.7” form factor which makes it a really easy process for anyone to adapts. And did we mention you could pick this thing up for under $30 on Amazon?

The Simple Choice Backpack

For those of you who are looking for a compact, minimal bag for traveling, Solo Pro has a lot to offer, making many features available in a tiny package. Solo offers a somewhat “revolutionary” feature of separating the laptop in a department that can be laid down flat. This doesn’t allow you to use the laptop or most of its features, which means you’ll have to take it out, but still, you never knew how much you wanted it until you see it.

You could pack laptops ranging from 14.1 up to 17.3” in size and considering its low price-range it sure is the most reliable choice for the big ones. The clean and minimal design complement the light feel it gives, but the only downside may be the overall look polyester has to bring unlike the more premium materials say leather for example.

It introduces the “clamshell checkfast design” which is supposed to allow you to pass through the airport security faster. And, you can’t argue that it could be its main selling point as well! There isn’t as much space as may wish for, but adding an extra zipper pocket on the front side should increase the overall storage capabilities of the bag. This allows for some extra accessories such as earphones or charger to be packed as well.

Coming just at around $20, the bag deserves a closer look from you if you are into the more budget options, but are looking for a premium quality product.

The Real Budget King Backpack

Maybe $20 still exceeds your budget by a few bucks and as the most budget-friendly option, we’ve got the Xiaomi Sling Bag. This laptop bag is here to help you organize all of your papers, books but still allow for a lot of gadgets to be packed.

The overall looks of it present you with the stylish, modern and minimal accessory, but quite a bit functional as well. It comes in multiple, joyful colors and on top of that, there is a different color on the inside of the bag, that complements the main one ways better than the regular grayish ones you’ll find in most of the other competitors.

The bag comes with a single but long strap with a rather small lock loop. The length could be changed in a matter of seconds. Although this may sound like a real constraint Xiaomi has made to the bag, the flexibility of the single strap is astonishing. It could handle up to 17” laptops with a bit of an effort, but we’d recommend sticking with the smaller ones such as 12-13” ones.

The price of this one may vary depending on where you decide to get it, but a solid $6-10 sure isn’t a lot for what it has to offer.

The Party Backpack

Owners of big and bulky laptops should look no further than ASUS ROG Nomad V2 and for a very good reason. The laptop bag is specifically designed for serious gamers, who carrying all sorts of different peripherals around.

It could be that you are going to stay at the friend’s house or perhaps just go on a “gaming party”, anyhow this bag offers a bunch of departments and adjustable pockets. You should have no problems whatsoever getting the food, drinks, headphones, keyboards, mice and a laptop. 

Maybe RGB starts playing on your back, who knows?

Bringing all the obvious upsides, the cost of this bag has to be increased a lot compared to the others on the list. This sure doesn’t belong to the budget category, having the price of more than $120.

The Beauty Queen

Last but not least, we have the stylish bag, that would surely complement ladies the most. We are talking about Moshi Treya Lite, the definite beauty king or perhaps queen in this case. The incredibly soft vegan leather makes it just as gentle as its owners.

It allows for multiple form-factors, making it suitable as a shoulder-bag, a messenger, a backpack or perhaps a handbag. There’s enough place for a single 13” laptop and the bag doesn’t lack safety-measures either. The top flap closes with magnets, but interior zipper from inside makes everything even more secure.

Accessibility sure isn’t the feature you’ll miss with this bag. The hidden slip pocket on the bag allows for easy access to your glasses or phone. Don’t forget, you’ve also got a zippered Napoleon pocket back there for anything else you want to keep close to hand.

This bag doesn’t only make it as a laptop bag, but there is a detachable pocket on the front for those of you who may want to carry only the most necessary accessories with you. Coming at just a bit of $200 makes it the most premium bag on this list. The luxurious design and its portability make it a perfect choice for those of you who have got a few extra bucks to spend.

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