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The benefits of hosting your own website instead of other platforms

Hosting Your Own Website

Control of your own Website:

When hosting your own website, you have complete control over the design, functionality, and content of your site. You can customize your website to your liking. All without having to go through a third party. This can be helpful for things like marketing automation, customer relationship management, and more. With a platform like Shopify, you may be limited in the integrations that are available.

Feature Flexibility:

Hosting your own website allows you to use any software or technology you want. Other platforms like Shopify may have limitations on what you can do.

Data Ownership on your own Website:

When you host your own cms website, you own the domain name and all of the content on your site. This also includes the customer information and analytics data. With a platform like Shopify, you don’t have full ownership and could potentially lose access to your site if you violate their terms of service.

Lower Monthly Cost:

Hosting your own website may be more cost-effective in the long run, as you don’t have to pay monthly fees or transaction fees to a third-party platform. According to Google, the average cost of website hosting is around $7.99 per month. However, this is just a rough estimate and the actual cost could be higher or lower depending on your needs.

Customize Branding:

When you host your own website, you have the opportunity to create a unique brand and online presence that reflects your business. With a platform like Shopify, your site may look similar to others using the same platform.

Performance of your own website

Hosting your own website gives you more control over the performance and speed of your site. You can choose the hosting provider and server resources that are best suited to your needs. With a platform like Shopify, you may not have as much control over these factors.

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