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Finding the Right Keywords

find the right keyword

Finding the Right Keywords!

This is the goal of anyone marketing a product, services or idea online. Finding the right keywords can speed up the viral effects of your marketing efforts, as it helps people find you. Being found online is a result of how well the searched keywords match the product, service or idea.  It is also a result of how well the content was constructed with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

Many beginning Bloggers find that selecting the right keywords for a post, is the biggest problem they have when trying to construct posts to market their message. It can be very frustrating when you created the best video, article or blog post idea but you did not select the right keywords to successfully market your message in front of the right audience.

Finding the Right KeywordsHere are some tips to ease some of the stress with finding the right keywords. Start off with a topic that you want to focus on in your post. (This is the same for a social media post or a website blog post.) A post will need a focus in order to find and select the right keywords, to get your point across and in-front of the right readers.

Try this to find the right keywords:

  1. Think about your main idea, describe it in one or two words.
  2. Now go deeper and think about 3 more words that could further define your main idea.
  3. The main idea word into a search tool such as listed below. See if any of your three supporting words show up, if not think about refining the three words based off of your main idea.
  4. With the updated 3 defining words, check instagram and twitter explore tabs to gauge whether your three supporting words are getting searched on these platforms. Again, adjust your three words based on the search results on the platforms. Each platform may rank keywords different, based on that platforms audience.
  5. Now that you know which keywords are ranking on the platforms , create your post with these words in mind, using the main keyword in the title and the 3 additional words in the description and throughout the content.
  6. The hashtags and tags on your posts should also match your main keyword and the 3 supporting keywords.

These are the basic things to do to find the right keywords for a post. there are other things that should be done, depending on what type of post your actually creating. That will be for another post!

Search Tools to find HashTags for your keywords

Social Media Explore

Find hashtags by typing in words or phrases to see what others are searching for. You can do this with Twitter or Instagram on their EXPLORE search bars.  Think of a possible keyword phrase and type it in.

Twitter Explore Tab

Use the social media platform to search random keywords. Use the results to “dive deeper” and get a more detailed keyword to fine-tune your niche.

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