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How to Find Topics to Write about on your WordPress Website

How to Find Content for your Blog

Finding the Topics to Write About

Ok, you have a website and you need to create content for your Blog. Where do you find the content to write about? Here is one way to find content for your website. Start with the topic. Search for topics that center around your specific niche. Search for related keywords to those topic and see what is currently trending. Here are two ways to find topics that can result in great content for your wordpress blog website.

Find Topic to write about through Google Alerts !

Google Alerts is a great way to select specific search terms and create an automated alert. The search term would be what you would normally search for in the google search box. Use a long-tailed keyword so that your search can be specific to your topic. Using a general term could result in too much irrelevant information for you to dig through. Google can often suggest keyword to add to your search term while you type in the search box.

Setting up Google Alert
Setting up Google Alert

Once your selected your search term and are satisfied with the results, you can them copy the search term and head over to Google Alerts. Enter the search term in the box and select Create Alert to quickly set your alert up.

The bottom of the screen shows you a few of the possible search results that your search term will give you. If the results are not what you were looking for, tweak your search term by adding or removing keywords from the search box.

More Google Alert options

To get more flexibility, you can select Advanced to customize the alerts a bit more. Selecting the Advanced option give additional options such as ;

More Google Alert Options
More Google Alert Options
  1. How ofter your get the email alerts with the results from your search terms.
  2. What language your search term is looking for.
  3. The region can be set to a specific location only or defaults to the entire internet.
  4. You choose how many results can be returned but the default is the best match.
  5. The delivery email is your google account email, this option is not an option since its cant be changed.

Thats it! Now you can sit back and wait for your content to come to your inbox. I would recommend going through some of the search results to see if they are what you are looking for. You may need to adjust your search terms or adjust optional setting like the location.

Find Topics to write about through BING Interests Notifications

Microsoft Bing Interest
Microsoft Bing Interest

With BING Interest, you can get alerts on specific topic that BING recommends based on the keyword of interest. These few topics are Finance, News, Trending on Bing, Sports and Weather. Within these topics, you can add an interest by entering a keyword. BING, then sends emails that are relevant to the keywords within the topic you selected. In my opinion this is a bit too general, but at least it saves you from doing all the searching. You do not get to select how often your results come in.

Even with the limited options available for Bing Interests Notifications, it is still a good idea to include notifications for both Bing and set up alerts for Google also. Both search engines collect search terms from everyday users and build its database with websites that it has stored in its database. Some websites and data may show up easily on one search engine and may be harder to find in another. It’s good to cover all your bases and set up searches or alerts in multiple search directories.

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